26 June 2006

Bush cracks down on Congress's inappropriate spending

This past Saturday, in his weekly radio address, George W. Bush told us how strong our economy is, and how more people are now prospering under his leadership. (Sure, they're prospering if they're the billionnaires who benefit from his reverse-Robin-Hood tax cuts.)

Then George W. "Spend-Like-a-Drunken-Sailor" Bush told us how Congress needs to show some restraint in their spending bills, and that some new legislation granting him line-item-veto authority is just what the doctor ordered.

Now Bush can keep those costs in check by reining in those foolhardy expenditures on frivolous things like education, health care, and securing our ports. Let's direct the money to where we really need it -- Iraq and Halliburton.

Yep, let's learn some fiscal responsibility, from the guy who transformed a record surplus into a record deficit in just a few years.

But you have to appreciate the comic relief.

Because sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity. Otherwise, you just have to cry.

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