24 June 2006

Fox News lied about human rights groups

On the June 21 edition of the Fox News show The Big Story with John Gibson, Gibson alleged that human rights groups remained silent about the recent torture and killing of two U.S. troops in Iraq. He tried to make it appear that the human rights groups are quick to speak out against torture committed by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, etc., but that we remain silent when Americans are the victims.

Gibson clearly forgot to do his homework.

As a matter of fact, Amnesty International had issued a press release that same day containing the following statement by Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, condeming the killing and torture of those two U.S. soldiers:
"Amnesty International, first and foremost, extends its sincerest condolences to the families of Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker for their tragic loss. We are deeply disturbed by reports that these two soldiers were brutally tortured. These reports, if proven true, may rise to the level of war crimes.

Amnesty International condemns the torture or summary killing of anyone who has been taken prisoner and reiterates that such acts are absolutely prohibited in international humanitarian law. This prohibition applies at all times, even during armed conflict. There is no honor or heroism in torturing or killing individuals. Those who order or commit such atrocities must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law without recourse to the death penalty.

Amnesty International again calls on armed groups in Iraq to immediately cease all executions, torture or ill-treatment of people. Armed groups, like other parties to the conflict in Iraq, are required to comply strictly with international law and remain accountable for their actions."
[Read the entire release on the Amnesty website.]

Furthermore, Human Rights Watch had also weighed in the matter.

Many thanks to Media Matters for America for bring this deception to my attention.

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