22 June 2006

Seven marines and one sailor to be charged with murder of Iraqi civilian

No, this is not about the cold-blooded Haditha massacre. This is about yet another Iraq war scandal -- the cold-blooded murder of an innocent, unarmed Iraqi man, who was dragged from his home and killed by some marines with an attitude who were "letting off steam". [Read story.]

They had planted props to try to make it appear that the victim was a violent terrorist. Fortunately, the investigation saw through the elaborate hoax.

It is good that these troops will be held accountable for their disgusting violation of the Geneva Conventions. War crimes must not be tolerated.

So now, in the interest of avoiding a double standard, will we also hold George W. Bush responsible for his own violations of the Geneva Conventions? (I know, I know. He's above the law. It's a rhetorical question. But not really.)

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