25 June 2006

New York Times and Los Angeles Times are aiding the terrorists, says Bush

The American mainstream media (well, some of them) are starting to wake up from their 5-year coma.

The latest sign is a story published Friday in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times exposing the fact that the government is now also looking at our banking records.

In response, of course, the Bush adminstration is once again blaming the messenger. They say that these newspapers are helping terrorists, by leaking info about the government's classified anti-terrorism methods.

Do they really believe that the terrorists are that stupid? Do they really believe that we are that stupid? (Never mind, of course they do.)

According to the Bush administration, we should all just remain blissfully ignorant. Just trust the government to take care of us.


Well, it worked in the red states. And look where that has gotten us.

The rest of us had better hope that the media will continue to get back to doing some real journalism.

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