18 October 2006

Bush trashed Carter's peace deal with North Korea

I'm surprised to learn this from the very-right-wing Fox News, but they're reporting that George W. Bush in 2002 trashed a deal that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter had brokered, by which North Korea had agreed to stop pursuing nuclear weapons and even nuclear power.

Apparently, in 1994, "the late North Korean leader, Kim Il Sun, had agreed to every stipulation that Carter proposed, including a freeze of the weapons program, a halt to processing of nuclear fuel, a return of U.N. inspectors and bilateral talks with South Korea. Within weeks, Kim died, but his son and successor, Kim Jong Il, soon notified the Clinton administration that he would abide by the agreements."

Then came the 2000 elections, and George W. Bush's appointment to the Presidency by the so-called Supreme Court.

According to Carter, "All of that has been thrown in the wastebasket. [...] Within a year, the entire framework was destroyed, and North Korea was branded a member of the axis of evil."

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And, of course, North Korea has now resumed its nuclear ambitions as a direct response to Bush's arrogant and belligerent imperialist nonsense.

I have no reason to believe that the Bush administration will handle this in a way that best protects the interests (and safety) of most Americans.

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