03 October 2006

Pedophile in denial

I've been wanting to comment on the Mark Foley scandal, but it's all been said. The newspapers and the talk show hosts and the bloggers have already exposed the hypocrisy of the fact that this member of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children turned out to be a sexual predator himself. They've exposed the fact that Foley's pedophilic behavior may have been known to the GOP leadership for years, but that they covered it up to protect that Congressional seat. (Politics trumping the welfare of our children -- you know, one of those Republican family values.) And we've read the disgusting instant messages and e-mails.

So all I'll do today is let Foley speak for himself, in a stunning video clip in which he goes on America's Most Wanted and criticizes the "sickos" who prey on children. In other words, in this video he comes down hard on, um, himself -- as he should. [Check it out.]

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