09 October 2006

Cowboys and nukes

This morning North Korea defied the world and conducted a nuclear weapons test. We shouldn't be surprised. After all, North Korea has been waving nukes at us for years. But George W. Bush never seemed to want to do much about it. His priority instead was to attack Iraq, which did not possess WMDs, and did not pose a threat to us or to its neighbors.

And, to attack Iraq, Bush diverted troops from Afghanistan, which did support terrorists who wanted to do us harm.

Long story short: Bush gets all tough and aggressive when he's dealing with a harmless foe. But when he encounters a real threat, he's all talk. Especially when there's not a lot of oil involved.

So now the Bush administration (you know, the folks who "don't negotiate with terrorists") are pushing for multi-party negotiations with North Korea. Meantime, North Korea is saying that they're just trying to be prepared in case they need to defend themselves against an aggressive imperialist nation like the United States.

And people voted for Bush in the belief that only he could keep us safe.

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