24 October 2006

Jesus Camp: It's child abuse

The documentary film Jesus Camp is now playing at a limited number of theaters around the U.S. At first, I resisted seeing it. I had seen the trailer, and I knew that the film would probably just raise my blood pressure and make me very, very angry.

Nevertheless, curiosity got the best of me, and I saw the movie yesterday. My presumptions had been correct.

Jesus Camp follows an Evangelical minister who brainwashes children and molds them into little "warriors for Jesus". Everything possible is done to try to ensure that these kids won't learn to think for themselves. Many of them are homeschooled, in order to shield them from science. They're programmed to accept and propagate extreme right-wing doctrine. We see 10-year-olds in tears, speaking in tongues, and then going out into the streets to try to "save" the public.

The movie is intense.

In watching it, I found myself thinking that this is nothing short of child abuse.

And it scared me to think about the armies of children being programmed to ensure the ongoing growth and political influence of the Radical Religious Right.

Why can't they just let these kids be kids?

To watch the trailer, click here.

To find out where Jesus Camp is playing near you, click here.

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