30 October 2006

Death of a President: Fiction that needs to stay that way

The controversial new movie Death of a President has received very mixed reviews. But I believe that every American should see it.

It's a work of fiction that needs to stay that way. It depicts the course of events that could very well happen if George W. Bush were to be assassinated before the end of his term.

In the movie, Bush's death provides an excuse for the further erosion of our Constitutional rights. Patriot Act 3 is passed, which would probably make me eligible for a one-way ticket to Guantanamo just for writing this. (What a shame that orange is not my best color.)

A Syrian Muslim is wrongly convicted of the assassination (an African-American suicide victim, who has just lost a son in Iraq, appears to be the real culprit), but Jamal is deprived of any opportunity to appeal his wrongful conviction. Under the circumstances, exonerating a Muslim would be unpatriotic.

And we can only guess at the other atrocities that might result from a Cheney administration (presumably with Rice as Vice President, although this wasn't clearly laid out in the movie).

Judging from recent history, these scenarios could well happen under the given circumstances. Or, there could be an even worse scenario. I hope we never have to find out.

We need a change in Washington. If we can restore the system of checks and balances with next week's mid-term elections, and keep the momentum going, we can save this country.

If not, I fear that this new movie -- or something very much like it -- could someday end up on the History Channel.

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