15 October 2009

Fox and Dobbs: Perfect together

A recent New York Times article suggested that Fox News may be courting CNN's Lou Dobbs. And I think that is wonderful. It's a match made in heaven. After all, Dobbs has been using his CNN show to propagate the birther conspiracy theories, incite fear and hatred of brown-skinned people, and other nonsense of the sort that the Fox News audience just loves. Since CNN's management doesn't seem to have the guts to stand up to Dobbs, it's best to let him move on to crazier pastures.

Sadly, however, that solution does nothing to change the fact that CNN has been putting up with Dobbs's nonsense, at great risk to the network's desired reputation for being "the most trusted name in news."

I have a real problem with that.

So, if not for Christiane Amanpour, I probably wouldn't watch CNN at all anymore.

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