31 October 2009

Lieberman's latest stunt: Says he will campaign for Republicans in 2010

How much more of Joe Lieberman's traitorous misbehavior will the Senate Democrats put up with and still let him caucus with them and maintain his committee chairmanships?

It was bad enough that Lieberman campaigned for John McCain (and against Barack Obama) for president last year. But this week he's really been on a roll.

As I wrote on Thursday, he indicated that he would support the probable Republican filibuster of the health care reform bill.

But that apparently wasn't enough active rebellion for the spoiled brat. So yesterday he said that he'll probably campaign for some Republicans in next year's midterm Congressional elections.

Some TV talking heads have speculated that the Democrats put up with his nonsense because they need Lieberman more than he needs the Democrats.

But what the hell do they need him for?

He may be the potential 60th vote, but what good is that when he votes with the Republicans most of the time anyway?

It's as if the Senate Dems all have battered wife syndrome.

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