10 October 2009

What happened to the Democratic Party?

Roosevelt was able to get the New Deal passed through Congress despite significant Republican opposition.

Johnson was able to get the Civil Rights Act passed despite similar challenges.

So then why are Obama and the Democrats in Congress having such a hard time passing a public health care option? After all, a majority of Americans favor such a choice! And didn't we elect them to represent us?

Isn't Rahm Emanuel supposed to be Obama's bulldog, working behind the scenes to convince Congress -- especially more "moderate" Dems -- to support Obama's agenda, which includes (or at least used to include) a public health care option?

When did the Democratic Party suddenly lose its spine? And how? And why?

Do the special interests really hold so much power that our elected representatives would rather risk the wrath of the voters than inconvenience the corporations?

Is this what the Democratic party now stands for?

And, if so, then are they really any different than the Republicans?

Unfortunately, these questions are merely rhetorical.

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