20 October 2009

They're giving away Palin's book, practically free

I don't usually like to write blog posts that might sound catty, but in this case I cannot resist. We're talking about Sarah Palin, after all -- rapist of the earth ("drill, baby, drill"). And I came across a little piece of info that I thought was interesting.

BuzzFlash.com recently reported that Palin's upcoming book Going Rogue, list price $28.99, is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com for only $9.00!

As BuzzFlash pointed out, not many books get a whopping discount like this before they are even released. Those kinds of prices are usually reserved for the surplus leftovers when they eventually hit the bargain bin.

And it's not just Amazon. BuzzFlash reports that the "right-wing rag site" Newsmax is offering Going Rogue free with a $9.00 subscription!

And it's working. As of this writing, the book ranks #5 on Amazon's bestseller list.

I shall not waste my money.

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