27 July 2006

Another step backwards for women's rights

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed legislation making it a felony to accompany a minor across state borders to obtain an abortion.

So, if a teenage girl gets pregnant, but her parents are not the kind who would be supportive or understanding, the girl's kind aunt (or sister, or cousin, etc.) cannot intervene and help her out of the mess by taking her to the nearest clinic which just happens to be in another state. Not without the consent of the possibly psycho parents. Even in the case of incest.

This is yet another step towards total right-wing religious fundamentalist control and subjugation of women by a vocal minority who are apparently very insecure in their masculinity (or their femininity) and are scared to death of women. For some reason, they feel horribly threatened by the prospect of a woman having sovereignty over her own body.

This is sad and this is pathetic. It's also maddening.

To read an excellent news release about this from the National Organization for Women (NOW), click here.

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