28 July 2006

The army you have, not the army you want

Those currently in charge in the U.S. government keep talking about supporting the troops. But talk is cheap.

During a visit to the troops in Kuwait in December of 2004, when questioned about why so many military vehicles lacked the necessary armor for battle, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld responded by saying that "you have to go to war with the army you have, not the army you want."


And, almost two years later, the army's equipment still falls short. [Read story.]

The chickenhawks in our government call their critics "un-American", but what could be more un-American than sending our troops to war without the equipment they need to stay alive and win?

It has been almost two years since Rumsfeld made his condescending statement that basically boiled down to "armor is for sissies." The fact that the army is still under-equipped is inexcusable. And it demonstrates quite clearly that the Bush administration simply does not care.

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