24 July 2006

Doctor and nurses arrested for prevention of suffering

Last week, a doctor and two nurses were arrested for the suspected mercy killing of trapped hospital patients during Hurricane Katrina. They allegedly over-medicated some stranded patients with morphine and a sedative.

The authorities are calling it second-degree murder. [Read story.]

Now imagine this: You are trapped in a hospital bed, sick and unable to move. The power is out, and you are sweltering in the dark summer heat without air conditioning.

The city is flooding, there is no rescue in sight, and the hospital is rapidly filling with water. You are going to die.

Which would you prefer:

a) Drowning in the filthy flood waters in your hospital bed, in the sweltering heat, in the dark?


b) Dying a quick and painless death via morphine and a sedative?

Would anyone really choose option "a"? Would the district attorneys really choose "a"?

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