30 July 2006

Riots erupt in Lebanon; Condi cowers in Israel

The Lebanese people have had enough. They are fed up with the killing of innocent civilians by the Israeli military. They've reached their breaking point. So today they stormed the UN headquarters in Beirut, in protest of the lack of international support for an immediate ceasefire (thanks in large part to hedging by the U.S.).

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been scheduled to visit that very building in Beirut today. But even Clueless Condi knows that she wouldn't be safe there today. So she cancelled the visit.

Instead she will remain in Jerusalem, clearly showing the Arab community which side she's more comfortable with.

And she continues to talk about how nice a ceasefire would be, even as she continues to hold out in favor of continued violence and bloodshed.

This is not the way to make progress in the "war on terror".

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