21 July 2006

Judicial genocide

A 2003 study of death sentences in Pennsylvania found that African-American defendants were far more likely to receive the death penalty than were people of other ethnic origins who committed similar crimes.

And an article this week by IPS News confirms that this isn't just a Pennsylvania thing.

The article quotes a study which found that juries in the U.S. "tend to hand down the death penalty twice as often to black defendants with stereotypically black features like darker skin, bigger noses and fuller lips, than to those perceived to have less stereotypically black features." [Read story.]

Wow. So it's all about what they look like, not what they actually do.

The blacker you are, the more you deserve to die. The whiter you are, the more you deserve to live.

And this is called our "justice" system?

Where is the justice?

And who are the real criminals here?

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