10 July 2006

A must-see film: The Road to Guantanamo

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to see the film The Road to Guantanamo. This documentary tells the story of three young British citizens of Pakistani descent who were held for more than two years at Guantanamo without charges before finally being returned to Britain and released.

Through interviews with the young men, combined with reenactments of their experiences, the movie provides powerful and frightening insights into the horrific treatment and sense of hopelessness facing detainees.

Everyone needs to see this movie. It is currently in limited release around the U.S., and I'm hoping for wider distribution in the coming weeks.

To view the trailer and find a theater near you, go to the movie's official website: www.roadtoguantanamomovie.com

If it's not playing in your town, please talk to the manager of your local theater and request that he show this movie. Tell all your friends to do the same.

This film will surely move you.

And it will make you mad as hell.

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