17 July 2006

British newspaper says U.S. may be going bankrupt

The poor money management skills of the Bush administration are no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention over the past five years. After all, they wasted no time in transforming a record surplus into a record deficit.

But it's rather embarrassing to see that the foreign press is focusing on it (although they should). [Read story.]

Remember when the Republican party stood as the party of fiscal responsibility?

Even today, they mock the stereotypes of "tax-and-spend liberals" even as they themselves engage in ridiculous spending while giving tax cuts only to the richest of the rich. That, my friends, is not fiscal responsibility.

I think we need to put some Democrats back in charge. The Democratic party seems to have become the real party of fiscal responsibility, as evidenced by Bill Clinton as POTUS, Howard Dean as Governor, and others.

Otherwise, we'd better all brush up on our foreign language skills, since so much of the U.S. is now owned by Communist China and other foreign interests, since Bush essentially sold us to the highest bidder.

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